Pad Pro Series: intro to R-Values

Pad Pro Series: intro to R-Values

What does R-Value mean for a sleeping pad?

An R-Value is a new outdoor industry standard which requires every pad to be thoroughly tested then rated based on insulating performance from 1 to 5, the higher the number, the warmer the pad.

Photo by: Max Seigal

Our 2020 lineup of pads was completely redesigned by our Product Development team with the initiative to improve overall quality while meeting a desired R-Value that correlates to its intended use. If that’s not enough, all of our pads are still individually inflated and tested at our factory ensuring 100% quality performance.

We are so serious about comfort, dependability and guaranteed quality that we invested in a special machine to test all R-values in house during development, in addition to a final third-party testing for a proven R-Value that you’ll find labeled on each of our pads. If you really want to geek out with us, you might be impressed to know that our very own in-house pad wizard was on the board that helped establish the R-Value rating system of ASTM F3340-18. Not only are we compliant, we are confident in the performance of these pads for a variety of use throughout the seasons.

Photo by: Devon Balet

If you’re new to camping, it’s reasonable to invest in one mid-range R-Value pad for every outing. As you start camping through the seasons, you’ll appreciate the function of a cold weather pad with a higher R-Value rating, and the importance of a warm weather pad when you’re out camping in a hot desert valley.

Here’s a brief overview of the R-Value range in our line of air chamber pads:

< Lower R-Value

> Higher R-Value

From lowest R-Value to highest:

The designated R-Value is a good way to begin a process of elimination when choosing the best sleeping pad, however we know there are a few more factors that go into your final selection. You’ll also need to consider how much weight you’re willing to carry, what comfort level you prefer and how much you’re willing to invest. Take a look at our blog “How to Pick a Pad”, and let us know your personal parameters that might help others choose a sleeping pad.

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